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Comprehensive education program that integrates sustainability into supply chain principles.
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The CSSCP (Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional) Program is a comprehensive education program that integrates sustainability into supply chain principles. In addition to the program material, the topics of the CSSCP are supplemented with real industry examples of sustainable supply chain in practice. These examples are initiatives, goals, or current programs that are being executed within diverse industries to move toward a circular supply chain. The CSSCP program is applicable to all global industries: transportation, agriculture, fashion, energy, etc. The CSSCP program educates employees and industry on ways to add sustainable practices to the existing supply chain or provide insight on how to rebuild current supply chain with sustainability in mind. The CSSCP Program aims to educate all professionals on how to maximize the success of the supply chain while protecting the future of the planet. ISCEA CSSCP coursework delivers the understanding that sustainability and optimized supply chain are not mutually exclusive, but rather can complement each other. The CSSCP program supports some of the UN SDGs and can be used to educate those who are interested in pledging to the SDG Ambition goals.


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Erna Kostina
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